Funding & Support

ITiMS is no longer accepting applications for fully funded fellowships.

ITiMS associates with an approved training plan are eligible to apply for up to $7,000 during their ITiMS career.  Requests may include Tuition, StipendResearch supplies and personnel, Conferences, and Research Related Travel.  Preference will be given to applications that include cost sharing (see below)* and applicants that have been active participants in ITiMS activities.  

Associates go through an application process before being invited to participate in ITiMS as associates.  While there are no requirements for ITiMS associates except to complete two surveys for our sponsor Burroughs Wellcome Fund in the spring, associates are encouraged to participate in ITiMS activities, including the individualized training plan which provides the structure and guidance to integrate laboratory experience, population science, and mathematical modeling into the student's dissertation and skill set.  This integrated approach will broaden opportunities after graduation and help them become well rounded scientists. 

Apply to be an ITiMS Associate.


The following ITiMS funds are available to the ITiMS community and intended “to train outstanding interdisciplinary researchers who will discover the principles underlying the structure and functions of microbial communities and apply these principles to understand and alleviate important problems affecting human health and the environment by integrating population, modeling and laboratory approaches."  


Up to $7,000 This application replaces the $1,000 & $2,000 funding applications.

ITiMS fellows and associates with approved training plans can request up to $7,000 during the course of their ITiMS career. Funds can be used for tuition, stipend, conferences, travel, and research supplies.

Application consists of detailed description of the fund request, reason for the request, a detailed budget, and supporting letters from ITiMS co-mentors or advisors. The budget must include cost-sharing (see list above for resources).

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and the PAC will review requests.

Download application template below.


Up to $10,000 (Mini-grants)

ITiMS COMMUNITY (Available to ITiMS students and students in ITiMS mentors’ research groups.)

Application consists of a grant proposal (6 pages in format similar to that of NIH or NSF), including a detailed budget, and timeline. The budget must include cost-sharing (e.g., from Rackham, Department, their mentor(s) or other). There will be set dates for submission (January 29, 2021). Grants will be reviewed by a panel of faculty and students; the panel will meet with research teams to provide verbal feedback.

Please keep the above quotation in mind when designing your proposal.

Download application template below.

Mini Grant Process


Please submit all requests to

If a publication results from any ITiMS funded activities please acknowledge it; an appropriate citation in the "Funding" or "Acknowledgements" sections would be: "University of Michigan Integrated Training in Microbial Systems (grant from Burroughs Wellcome Fund: Institutional Program Unifying Population and Laboratory Based Sciences)."


*Resources for cost sharing options include:

 This is not an exhaustive list.