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ITiMS provided funds and support to achieve this successful manuscript! Pellitier, P.T., Zak, D.R. and Salley, S.O., 2019. Environmental filtering structures fungal endophyte communities in tree bark. Molecular ecology.


Introduction: Fungal endophytes comprise a critical and ubiquitous component of the plant microbiome, forming cryptic...

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Emily Crossette received a $10,000 mini-grant for her project:

Probing microbial diversity and dynamics of land applied manure

Co-advisors: Melissa Duhaime, Lut Raskin, Indika Rajapakse, Krista Wigginton


Manure application is an important resource recovery pathways that returns nutrients and organic carbon to soil to improve crop yields and limit the need for carbon-intensive synthesized nutrients. However,...

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Adam Krieger, ITiMS Co-Mentors: Nina Lin, PhD and Bradley Cardinale, PhD

I am interested in the diverse ways that residents of microbial communities communicate and coordinate with each other to produce interesting population level behavior.  One way to approach this question is through exploring the mechanisms of maintenance of species diversity from an ecological perspective.  The question of exactly what mechanisms enable coexistence of species in a community has been a central...

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Paper resulting from this project:

"Sulfide alters microbial functional potential in a methane and nitrogen cycling...

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Emily Crossette

Solids recovered from human and veterinary waste-streams are high in carbon and nutrients and therefore a valuable...

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Rachel Gicquelais

My research focuses on characterizing population-level trends of hepatitis C virus infection and drug use (...

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Jeseth Delgado Vela

Jeseth Delgado Vela a PhD candidate in Environmental Engineering is studying microbial biofilm...

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The dissertation research of Microbiology & Immunology doctoral student Ellyn Schinke focuses on ...

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The dissertation research of Environmental Health Sciences doctoral student Kevin Boehnke focuses on Helicobacter pylori, a bacterium that colonizes the human stomach.  

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Natalia Blanco

The dissertation research of Epidemiology doctoral student Natalia Blanco focuses on Clostridium difficile infection,...

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