Mission: To train outstanding interdisciplinary researchers who will discover the principles underlying the structure and functions of microbial communities and apply these principles to understand and alleviate important problems affecting human health and the environment.

As an ITiMS student, you’ll join a community of University of Michigan researchers across more than 60 labs, 18 departments, and 7 schools, colleges or institutes. ITiMS’ training approach is multifaceted. You’ll learn and apply methods in:

  • Mathematical modeling.
  • Population sciences.
  • Laboratory sciences.

You’ll also learn analytic approaches to help make sense of the large quantities of data generated through population approaches and high-throughput laboratory techniques as you study population patterns, interactions, and functions. These include dynamic and simulation models, statistical methods, and bioinformatics. The domain of microbial communities is diverse — from aquatic environments to the human throat — but the scientific challenges of their study are similar. ITiMS faculty and students meet these challenges through:

  • Collaboration to design rigorous studies.
  • Applying high-throughput ’omics techniques.
  • Using dynamic and simulation models, statistical methods, and bioinformatics to analyze and interpret data.

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