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The University of Michigan's Integrated Training in Microbial Systems (ITiMS) program supports University of Michigan doctoral students exploring the burgeoning field of microbiome studies. In this podcast, ITiMS students explore microbial topics through games and conversation around research, government, and business roles.  

The first three episodes make up the miniseries "Get the Dirt" where we dive into the soil crisis by interviewing President Obama’s science advisor, Dr. Jo Handelsman, and an innovator in the green ag industry, Keith Heidecorn of Locus AG.  In episode 1 Freida Blostein, a doctoral student of Epidemiology, orients us to the current situation by going into what brought us here.  In episode 2 Nicholas Medina, a doctoral student of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, discusses soil microbes and how they support soil health.  In episode 3 Emily Crossette, a doctoral student of Civil & Environmental Engineering, brings us around to the future and what we may be able to do to address this soil crisis.  

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In this first episode, Freida Blostein introduces us to the soil crisis through an interview with Dr. Jo Handelsman, Director of the Wisconsin Institute for Discovery at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and former science advisor to President Obama.

In this second episode, Nicholas sheds some light on soil microbes with the help of Keith Heidecorn of Locus AG.

In this third and final episode, Emily considers what we can do, both individually and collectively, to combat the looming soil crisis.