Spring Retreat 2017

April 24, 2017

Spring Retreat 2017

Help us fine tune plans for the upcoming Modeling Meeting!  

Wednesday, April 26, 2017, noon to 2pm at the School of Public Health 1, room 3755.

Please RSVP to weaverd@umich.edu


  1. Introduction/update on ITiMS activities and overview of retreat purpose.
  2. Welcome new students and their mentors
    1. Adam Krieger (Fellow)
      1. Nina Lin & Brad Cardinale
    2. Emily Crossette (Fellow/Associate)
      1. Lutgarde Raskin, Indika Rajapakse & Krista Wigginton
    3. Hayden Hedman (Fellow)
      1. Joseph Eisenberg & Carl Marrs
    4. Emily Menard (Associate)
      1. Betsy Foxman & Marisa Eisenberg
  3. Congratulate graduating students
    1. Kevin Boehnke (Fellow/Associate)
    2. Nadine Kotlarz (Fellow/Associate)
  4. Lunch
  5. Review and give feedback on the registration materials for the upcoming Modeling Meeting (on the table)
  6. What additional information would be helpful (beyond what is currently on registration materials)
    1. BWF offered to create a pamphlet for the meeting, like "How to get the most out of an interdisciplinary meeting" or some other worthwhile topic. Thoughts?
    2. Swag ideas (t-shirt, water bottle, note books, stickers, etc.)
  7. Idea Smashing
  8. Identify data/papers of interest
  9. Identify software (e.g., Netlogo)
  10. Questions answerable using models or of interest for modeling
    1. Tables (one table per smashing question)
    2. Synthesize smashing results
    3.  Identify mini lecture topics for modeling meeting that arose from smashing
      1. Feedback to the group