Facilities & Technologies

An extensive infrastructure of biomedical research core facilities will support your work as a doctoral student and ITiMS trainee at the University of Michigan.

The core facilities available to the research community on a subsidized fee-for-service basis include:

Associated services include:

Notably, the DNA Sequencing Core is home to state-of-the-art instruments for DNA sequencing and other modern genomic analyses.

Of particular interest to ITiMS program faculty and trainees are the recently established Microbial Systems Laboratories (MSL).

MSL offers:

  • Comparative analysis of microbial communities, including DNA isolation, sequencing, and assistance with data analysis.
  • Support for routine microbiological plating on selective media for bacteria and fungi.
  • Cultivation of fastidious, anaerobic and extremely oxygen-sensitive microbes.
  • Assistance with the implementation of procedures for microbial enrichment and isolation.
  • Germ-free breeding colonies of mice maintained for monocultural or polymicrobial colonization and other specific studies.